[Assault] Blitz

(Mr-Penguin) #1

Class- Assault
HP- 90 (Effective max of 170 when Breach Armor is active)
Speed- 430 (380 when armor is active)

Blitz trades the raw killing potential of the other assault mercs with survivability and versatility with her prototype Breach Armor that allows her to be played either as a speedy flanker or slow bruiser at close quarters. Her weakness, however, lays at her unprotected backside (though for whatever manufacturing reason, the armor covers the entire head…). She also brings her old Breaching Hammer into the fray as well, and that hammer can smash in heads and objectives with equal effectiveness.

Breach Armor
Cooldown- 20 sec
Duration- 15 sec, untoggleable
Blitz activates her suit of Breach Armor, gaining 80 Armor HP (AHP) over her existing HP over 1.5 seconds (if you have taken damage in the last 3 seconds, activation period is over 2.5 sec). This armor only absorbs damage from the front and sides and offers no protection from the back. Headshots will damage AHP regardless of what direction they hit Blitz from. This additional AHP lasts 15 seconds or until destroyed and is untoggleable.

Breach Armor decreases Blitz’s movement speed by 50 and increases her hitbox size to that of Fragger’s while active. These negative effects are cleared immediately when Breach Armor ends or is destroyed.

Breaching Hammer
Cooldown- N/A
Duration- N/A
Blitz equips her handy hammer that deals 90 damage per (very slow) swing. Essentially acting as a second melee weapon, the Breaching Hammer does not have a “heavy” attack but instead deals massively increased damage against the EV and generators, allowing Blitz to tear the former apart if given enough time.

NEW: Grand SG- Semi-automatic shotgun with low damage, high ROF, and longer range than its peers.
Hollunds 880

Tolen MP


A rework of my previous armor merc concept, but much more simple. 90 HP mobility with shotguns to… 170 HP with shotguns at the press of a button. Fairly self-explanatory but for the fact that Blitz is locked into Thunder mode until the armor breaks or wears off, which is to prevent people from scaring off others with 170 effective HP and then turning it off to run them down.

The hammer was a quiet addition thanks to an idea I had in a discussion on these forums to give an Engineer the ability to smash an EV to pieces. That hammer ended up being given to an assault merc because I couldn’t figure out a complementary engineer ability for it.

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(MaddMann3) #2

This sounds a bit identical to Sledge from Rainbow 6 Siege. Just with no One-shot, and cannot breach walls. Honestly.

(Mr-Penguin) #3

@MaddMann3 said:
This sounds a bit identical to Sledge from Rainbow 6 Siege. Just with no One-shot, and cannot breach walls. Honestly.

Sledge doesnt’t have a directional armor ability AFAIK.

The hammer is the secondary ability, not the primary, and I even noted it as a sort-of afterthought/“quiet addition” in the Notes section. Blitz’s primary focus (and name) is her combination of speed and temporary tankiness to push a point.

Knew I shoulda kept the hammer under wraps…


This is a highly specialized offensive merc like Fletcher. It sucks without the armor (imo an Assault should have a higher health/speed balance than that for their base) and that makes the class a fairly offensive one.

Add on to the fact that this has essentially objective specialist against destructibles and, well, I’m just unhappy is all.

For this reason I can’t really give any unbiased criticism.