Asked about the game Dirty Bom

(Htwatch) #1

Everyone can teach me how to play the Dirty Bomb game

(Mc1412013) #2

These are old videos but they explain the basics

Also please use ingame tutorial dont be like most people and skip it

(Melonpopr) #3

There’s several of us that stream Dirty Bomb on twitch daily like myself included and we’ll answer questions that you may have while we play. It’s a good way to get real time answers to any questions that may arise.

(K1X455) #4

If you look for Lauren Scott’s videos on YouTube, you’ll pick up the shooting and some medic plays that will help you level up real fast. They’re old videos but they still hold relevance in the game.

There are other videos of trick jumps and strategic gadget deployments, but you might want to reserve that for your next progression.

(Your worst knifemare.) #5

Rule 1. Unlock Sparps as soon as possible
Rule 2. Never buy Proxy
Rule 3. Plaaaaaay Dirty

(Mc1412013) #6

Wouldn’t play dirty mean playing proxy??

(Your worst knifemare.) #7

I just said dont buy her