Are there any current teams focussed on creating Brink 2?

(Papa Chuggs) #1


I was looking back on my steam profile and saw brink, remembered all the good times I had with it, and decided to try and search out the answer to the question above.

Brink has always been one of my favorite games, I got it at a younger age and played the hell out of it. I loved the levelling system, character design, and story. So much so that I think I’ve played it about 6 times over.

The only article I was able to find on the possibility of Brink 2 was from 2011, and it was when Brink still had content being developed for it. I think the community would benefit greatly from receiving some kind of update to the situation, even if it is a “Sorry, not possible” or “We didn’t think it’d be a wise decision, so we cut the project”.

Looking forward to hearing back from the team! :grin:
-Papa Chuggs

(Nail) #2

Brink belongs to Bethesda/Zenimax, they are the only ones who can further develop the title