Apparently recorded voicelines for a "disguise" ability

(Press E) #1

Just in case anyone hasn’t seen it,

It must have been scrapped early in development since SD probably wouldn’t want to rehire voice actors just for that.
What would you guys think of a disguise ability in DB? I’m personally kinda glad this never made it into the game lol, seems like something that would really interrupt game flow, and not in a good way

(K1X455) #2

Must have been a TF2 thingy. Imagine if FF was on and…

Enemy disguised as… me? BOOM Head shot!!!

(DarkangelUK) #3

W:ET, ET:QW and Brink all had disguise abilities, it made sense that it was on the table for DB but ultimately got left out.

(Floris) #4

I’m sorry for people who never had the pleasure of winning the round in the last minute by sneaking an engineer through the back door using a disguised covert ops. Then again, DB takes place in a future in which we are unable to open doors…

(ASD) #5

good old
enemy in the sky :slight_smile: