App running (not)

(ThinkItsClose) #1

As the title suggests the dirty bomb app is labelled as running in steam. I was originally going to post this in bugs but wasn’t sure if it was just me, steam or something else. This has happened two nights in a row now and is getting ever so slightly annoying.
There are no dirty bomb related tasks open apart from CoherentUI (win32 shooter and eac are both closed)
Rebooting resolves the issue but is rather annoying
Exiting steam does not work
Forcing steam to exit doesn’t work
Using the steam console to close dirty bomb doesn’t work (using app_stop 333930)

Thank you in advance

(ThinkItsClose) #2

This is getting ridiculous, 5,6,7 times in a row today. Had to restart my computer every time. Does anyone have a fix for this?