Anyway you could put up one Exe server in Aus?

(Not Trolling) #1

Would be good if we could have one community server be a pure Execution server in Aus region.

(ASD) #2

some time ago it was possible to rent servers … i think its now 2 late

(Not Trolling) #3

Yeah, I’m aware of the fact you can no longer rent servers but apparently, some of those community server’s settings are going to be shifted to dedicated servers apparently and I was wondering if one such as Smooths server could be changed to an Execution server. As all the other servers in Aus are Objective servers it would be good if one of them would be a dedicated Execution server.

(Mc1412013) #4

@jemstar has a server over in aus that has exe in it. He started off as exe only but mixed obj maps into it

Also sd doesnt want the exe servers anyway they originaly removed the mode from.the game. the only reason u see it is because there were enough of us that begged for it back on community servers. That and @jemstar cried every morning till they returned it lol kidding

(jemstar) #5

Hahaha and @NotTrolling cries to me everyday to make it exe only muahaahhaha, the issue is there’s heaps of others wingeing that I even have exe maps in the mix lol. I would be happy for an exe only server but atm most of the aus peeps put up with an occasional exe map but would prefer obj only. If Smooth could make his server exe only it would help…but would steal some of my players hehhehe. but I would play there some of the time but I feel for my server the mix is working well.

(K1X455) #6

kudos to you jemstar

(Mc1412013) #7

Dont mind a 260-300 ping u could use my server its exe exclusive

(Not Trolling) #8

Have tried them but would really rather not have to resort to something above 150 ping