Anyone interested in playing Ranked:Execution Mode ?

(DNineD) #1

Instead of attack/defence wave, you alternate.

Your win/lose will be much faster, you’ll earn ranked credits faster as well, but you can get lower scores, and get de-ranked faster as well.

It’s all about speed ranking/de-ranking; at least a lot better than quitters who demoralise the team 4 minutes into the game by being salty cause he’s playing vassili and no one is reviving him at the far back then quits.

(DarkangelUK) #2

I would play it, but I don’t think there’s a big enough playerbase for it to work, especially along side the normal ranked season. I’d be curious if they’d allow it to run between standard ranked seasons, but I doubt they’d want to spend man hours getting a mode ranked ready that isn’t exactly bustling with players.

(Glottis-3D) #3

I am not interested :slight_smile:

(Chronicler) #4

I’m always up for playing any execution since it’s my favorite mode. We need some new maps in this mode devs!

(Szakalot) #5

would be great if they made ranked-execution night as a test. it doesnt affect your rank but you can get ranked points.

i think execution ranked has a lot of potential, and stomps are a lot less annoying in this mode; each round is a fresh start
and you don’t have that feeling of charging headfirst into a wall, followed by acid-in-yo-pants backrape

(DarkangelUK) #6

I’d still prefer that they reworked the abilities to fit the mode better and make it less spammy, but I think it could be fun.

(Szakalot) #7

well, execution usually runs at 7v7 which is a lot spammier than 5v5. I think your wish for less spammyness could be solved already with the 5v5 ranked format.

(poiSon-) #8

As long as the future maps will have a somewhat similar structure to them like Gallery and Market then I wouldn’t mind giving it a go especially in a 5v5 setting.

(rosskii) #9

I would play it. The dev’s have the source code for all this already, to enable this feature they could probably do it in about a day.