Anyone here wants to play in a party?


I don’t know if I am the only one but… I am new to this game, I started 2 weeks ago because a friend told me about it. The problem is we can’t play together because we always end up in the opposite team. This is a team based fps like overwatch but you can’t play in a team with friends?! I read somewhere they removed the feature, but why? Maybe I am just dumb but I don’t get it.


It was mainly removed because it was causing a lot of imbalanced matches afaik. DB doesn’t have a high population like Overwatch, so large premade teams are difficult to pair up with players of equal skill level. You either have to make them wait in the queue for ages, which was heavily criticized back when casual matchmaking was a thing, or you just ignore trying to balance them, and at that point why even bother with matchmaking. It wasn’t so bad in casual, but in ranked it got to the point that you were almost guaranteed a loss if you didn’t queue up with competent friends. And considering DB’s playerbase is even smaller since then, I doubt readding it would help the game

It sucks I know, and SD could do better. At least let us queue together with friends even if we get placed on other teams, rather than inviting through steam, but oh well. At least we have the ability to switch teams worst case

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What starry said

plus decimating ur friend is fun