Anyone experiencing sudden disconnects?

(K1X455) #1

I’m not sure if it’s coming from my router (I’ve tried refreshing and restarting/rebooting) or my ISP doing it’s DNS maintenance, but I’m seeing a lot of players falling off matches mid match, including me.

This started happening since last Monday. Just putting it there if anyone else is experiencing the same symptoms.

(AlbinMatt) #2

Sorry fam, disconnections aren’t too rare for me. I have had more people exit the game unexpectedly. Like, an Aura would be running towards me with a defib then suddenly disconnect. Usually it’s just a mad pinger but I’ve seen my Asian buds get disconnected too, even on Singapore servers.

(alphabeta) #3

I posted another topic on this recently. I thought it was just me; but I am getting a “lost connection” warning in almost every match, sometimes more than once. It almost always reconnects, but usually (lol) seems to happen right at the most critical time. I have screenshots of >50+ disconnect warnings. Server location and time of day seems not to matter.

(Outblast) #4

This has also started happening to me recently. I also have trouble connecting to the server since Yeasterday. I end up with a black loading screen which puts me back to main menu after few minutes

(K1X455) #5

It’s getting out of hand…

(alphabeta) #6

I now have about 60 screenshots that look like that! I even upgraded my Cable Internet connection to 15mbs up & 450 mbs down (from 5/100) and no improvement. Still get a disconnect message about once a game no matter server location or time of day.

(alphabeta) #7

I hope I am not only one for whom this is happening. I even upgraded my internet connection to 25up/450MBS down without improvement.


(K1X455) #8

We’ve established that it’s not client side related.

It’s server side or the host of the server having problems.

Best recourse is to submit a ticket and note the time-of-day, server and your location.