Anyone else think that the vote system needs to be adjusted?

(CoctimusPrime) #1

The current way the voting system works could use some work IMHO. These are my thoughts:

  1. Match restart needs to be changed to “round restart” for stopwatch matches. Far too many matches are played through with the first round having less than 50% of the server full. When more players are added, this puts everyone in round 2 at a disadvantage. Round 1 should be restartable if more than 3 players join each side after a match begins.
  2. Round restart should then be available up to 10 minutes into the match. It seems like players tend to flock to servers after about 5-6 mins of gameplay. This results in the imbalance discussed above. There is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to vote for a restart of the round if 6+ players are added up to 10 minutes into a match.
  3. Team shuffle needs to be eliminated. There is no reason to team shuffle anymore–especially with the mm system in place. I am so tired of butt-hurt players shuffling teams because they are losing. The teams shuffle automatically after matches and besides, its not ranked-- its just pubs.
  4. The vote counter needs to be larger and players should be forced to make a selection of yes or no. One way to do this would be to not allow a respawn until the player votes. This wouldn’t obstruct a player with the vote message and would force them to make a selection.

Just my two cents. Anyone agree? Disagree?

(SM83 Power Operative ) #2

I like your number 4 idea of having the vote prompted while respawning so it’s not as visually obstructive, but I’m not sure having the vote mandatory would make any difference. I could easily see that being abused with people spamming yes or no just to get through the spawn without even knowing or caring what the vote was called for. Also, some people may not die for multiple minutes. Wouldn’t you be a bit frustrated if your team wasn’t able to kick an afk or worthless player for, say, 5 minutes because so-and-so hadn’t died yet?

As for the rest of your ideas, I’m wary about that stuff again because I feel people abuse the vote system enough as is. I think the best thing to do is use server browser and pay attention to your queues and such. You can tell if a match has just begun and how many players it has. I think these issues mostly boil down to a somewhat small playerbase and large influx of new and returning people matched against the long-time veterans. I ignore shuffle calls unless it feels absolutely necessary and both teams agree.

(l2c) #3

If you remove the team shuffle, you also need to implement something that balances the amount of players on each team. 3v8 is not fun, and waiting for the match to end to balance it, would just make me leave.