Anyone dislike the change to the last objective on Trainyard?

(Sorotia) #1

I don’t know…I just don’t like it much…all you pretty much have to do is hold the building to win. If you don’t have a Skyhammer to flush them out then it’s hard to get them out of there.

Maybe I’m just getting unlucky with the teams I get…but every time it ends with them camping the building and no one who could wipe a room.

(DirtyDav) #2

Gave a like because this happens frequently with me, but at the same time if defenders take back the building it’s fairly manageable. Mostly has to do with team balance imo, previously if the whole team was dead it didn’t make a difference anyway.

(Sorotia) #3

If offense takes the building the defense can at least hid behind the container and swarm the carrier for a chance to beat them…but if defense takes the building that is all she wrote unless they make a bonehead move and don’t watch the container.

(Szakalot) #4

i like it, it makes the bulding integral for both attack and defense, with the open roof opening up the map to surgical fire support, kira lazor etc

(DxDark) #5

To add to this, nothing is stopping the attackers from smoking out Lake Bed and going under the overpass to cap from the rear. Add the fact that it’s a long walk from the Def spawn to the ‘Building’, knocking out a few people will always gut the entire place, especially if they only have a Sparks in the back and you keep killing and/or gibbing their dead idiots so she has to retreat back outside into the helipad.

Of course, they could always run a PTR version where they remove the building completely and litter the area with cover, or merge both that overlook building AND the ammo-building.