Anybody in West USA Looking for ppl to play with (ranked/casual stopwatch)?

(CoctimusPrime) #1

My buddy and I are pretty decent–although relatively new (levels 18 and 11). Looking for some guys is the MST or PST timezone to play with most nights from 8pm-11pm MST. No kids pls. I can’t stand 12 year olds screaming into the mic.

(Bluesquid0630) #2

Hey man just a question, do you only play at night? I’m on the east coast and with classes I only play near the end of the day (mid day for you west coast folks). If I were playing with you at night it’d be around 2 to 3 in the morning for me

If a compromise were met Id definitely play with you and your buddy

(CoctimusPrime) #3

Yeah man sorry I only play at night… I have work all day and I’m finishing my degree online in the early evening so typically I only play from like 8pm-11pm MST. Sorry! HH!

(FantasticMango) #4

There’s a discord (Team 911) with a bunch of west coast players on that might be able to help you out:

(Skies_WaitWhat) #5

Id like to join! My steam name is F8 with a pic that looks like a lady bug!