Any weapon: ADS shifts right for one frame, every first shot

(bespeak) #1


  • Any weapon: ADS shifts right for one frame, every first shot


  • Defect, visual


  • Low

Regression range:

  • Last known good version:
  • Unknown
  • Affected versions:
  • Earliest known occurrence:
    • 2016 or earlier
  • Today’s version:
  • 20171025 Jackal’s Eve


  • Preset: Minimal or low

  • Animation detail: Low, medium, high

  • Read-write .ini or .ue3profile

  • For demonstration purposes, 30 fps

Can be reproduced offline (SwitchLevel):

  • Yes

Reproduction rate:

  • 10/10


  • When fully aiming down sights, all weapons instantly shift right and return to the center on the first shot. It resembles a missed frame.

    If shooting repeatedly, only the first shot will show this behavior. Once you stop shooting, it will occur whenever you start firing again. You may still need to wait a few moments even when the firing animation “looks” like it’s finished.

    This affects any weapon with ironsights, including the Revive Gun (minimum charge counts as a shot), Artillery Spotter, and possibly sniper rifles (when firing repeatedly, the first shot is centered, and subsequent shots are offset).

Steps to reproduce:

  • As any merc, ADS and fire any weapon
  • or, ADS and fire the Artillery Spotter or the Revive Gun
  • Wait for the weapon to fully raise
  • Wait for the weapon to finish firing
  • Easier to see:
    • Pistols (Simeon), shotguns (Hollunds), Revive Gun
  • Or:
    • Set Engine bSmoothFrameRate True
    • Set Engine MaxSmoothedFrameRate 15

Expected results:

  • All weapons stay centered

Actual results:

  • All weapons move to the right for one frame


  • N/A


  • Revifle ADS firing. Moves to the right on every minimum charge (

  • Screenshots similar to video