Any Headphone recommendations?

(Xenithos) #1

I happen to be working on studio level audio editing alongside my video editing, and so I already own a desk microphone. Will likely be upgrading it later too, however I need a pair of headphones as my fatality gaming headset finally kicked the bucket. (3 years now for 35$, usually great, but I’m looking for something better). Does anyone know a GREAT durable and decent sounding enough and comfortable enough pair of headphones for under $100?

If you happen to have some anecdotal experience about headphones I’m open to that too, thanks!

I would hope to get a pair that lasts around 4 or more years with good audio functionality.

(Mustang) #2

I don’t know any decent headphones that cheap off the top of my head.

But having a poke around I found 46% off Sennheiser HD579 on Amazon at $107, not too shabby.

Can’t speak to the durability of this particular model, but I’ve been rocking some Sennheiser’s for the last 14 years, in fairness they were probably past their best at around 10 years, just haven’t been wowed by anything to part me with my cash just yet though.

(enigmaplatypus) #3

I have very little experience with headsets but here is my advice for what it’s worth. personally, in terms of longevity i would recommend getting a decent desktop microphone and headphones for audio only. The blue yeti is a very good microphone and highly rated (good for entry level recording). You can usually get decent/nice headphones for around 10-40 bucks. I personally prefer koss ur23i because it’s cheap and i like that the earpad goes over my ears and not on top of them. granted the headphones are somewhat fragile and tend to break within a year…but they are so cheap its not really an issue (although i do live in a climate that will snap plastic headphones every year without fail). So that’s my advice. Probably not what you are looking for but it’s the best I can give you.

(Xenithos) #4

Thanks guys and @enigmaplatypus !
I ended up seeing that the Sennheiser HD280s were a solid pair of headphones and happened to have a voucher for them, got them reduced. I ended up picking those because of the fact that not only do they have obnoxiously good noise cancelling and offer the audio range I needed, but also because they look like they’ll last me for a long time (which was a huge desire).

I wouldn’t even have looked back at Sennheiser if not for you Mustang. Thanks!
Your headphones you showed were extremely tempting, but I couldn’t guarantee the same lifetime from them and replace-ability of parts. Also, the material they use in the E.A.R. cushioning I’ve had before and it gets bothersome to my acne that sometimes pops on my ears because of that. Nonetheless, thanks!

(enigmaplatypus) #5

nice, I hope they work well for you :grin:

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #6

wear some cool ones like this guy