Any discount incoming?

(Cosmos_96) #1

Hi all, I’m a new player in DB and I find that it’s really a good game. Despite people leaving the game, which I understand that they are disappointed but I’m still giving them a chance, I think they need more like right now MORE support from us because we are their first supporters, RIGHT?! Anyway I was wondering if they have ever made discounts on mercs because I want to buy two new mercs (guardian and turtle) but at the moment I have only 35k credits,enough only for turtle. If they don’t make discounts on mercs, like once a month,at the weekend, that will make me sad. HAVE a GOOD day!

(n-x) #2

I thought you were so keen on supporting them. So why don’t you just buy the mercs with real money?

(Ptiloui) #3

iirc, they never discounted mercs credit price.
However, it might be possible they apply some temporary discount on merc bundle (so buyable with real money).

(Meerkats) #4

a. Yes, prices have been discounted in the past. 15 or 20% iirc.

b. Not that it matters cause afaik, the price to unlock has been permanently reduced for almost all mercs forever. Back in the day, all mercs cost 50k to unlock ( Bonez and Proxy may have been 35k ). That was the baseline. The price you see now? That’s the discount.

c. The time to unlock, as long as you’re doing your missions and shit, isn’t too bad. Now, I haven’t unlocked a new merc under the new system, but back then, it took about seven days, at maybe 2.5ish hours per day.

d. If you really want that instant gratification, fork over those seven dollarydoos or whatev they’re charging now. I have bought every single merc unlock pack ( Javelin, Turtle, Guardian, Hunter ) cause the way I look at it, well, I earn that much every 15 - 20 minutes. Compared to 18 - 21 hours ingame, well, not a hard choice. That’s 50 more event cases when the next event rolls around.

e. Old person story incoming: Back in the day, we’d buy a game, with money, in an actual store ( unimaginable, I know ), and that game would require us to unlock shit or just live with blocked content. That was normal! We’d just be like, “mmmkay, well, I guess I’ll just, you know, go unlock whatev the ■■■■ it is.” And I know Dara O’Brian did a great bit about games and fellating controllers, but hell, if a game didn’t have anything to unlock, it felt incomplete. And now, everything is just… “everything, up front, now reeeeeeeee,” like what, this is not a concept I understand.

f. The “first supporters” thing happened like six years ago. That ship has sailed.

(ASD) #5
  1. play more. … if you not change the server every match you get additional % credits
    its not hard to earn credits
  2. use real money


It doesn’t take very long to earn credits. If I were you I’d just get enough to buy the merc that appeals to you the most and then wait until you have enough for the other one, it’ll give you time to get used to playing them too.
I don’t think I remember them ever discounting merc credit price as others have mentioned, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Also keep in mind Guardian is a newer merc than turtle, so she may not be put on freerotation as often as turtle, though I have all the mercs so I rarely pay attention to how often mercs are on freerotation

(Teflon Love) #7

I dimly recall more than two years ago there once was a minor price reduction on mercs (10%? 25%?) for a week or so because I used this to buy as many as I could for my alt account. It has never happened since so I wouldn’t wait for another such event though.

However every few months there used to be crafting weeks with reduced fragment costs for crafting. So if you plan to craft a few shiny loadouts it might be worth to wait for that and meanwhile stick to crafting bronze loadouts.

(Cosmos_96) #8

Wowowo so edgy. I might think about it. I did this in the past but in another f2p game but I regretted so much that I uninstalled it totally.

(Meerkats) #9

How was he being edgy tf? That’s literally option B out of options A and B. I mean I guess you could try asking Shoe for an unlock code… oh wait.

I think it happened twice. I unlocked both Redeye and Rhino on discount iirc. But, yeah, don’t hold your breath.

(Your worst knifemare.) #10

There was also the time when Pheonix was free for a week back on 2015.

(n-x) #11

What is edgy about that? You start off with a call for supporting SD because you like the game so much. just to state a sentence later that you want to buy Mercs with in-game currency (which means absolute 0 financial support for the devs). plus you even ask for a discount so you can get even more for your completely unsupporting behavior.

Don’t ask other people to support the game if you yourself aren’t even willing to do that.

(Cosmos_96) #12

I do what I want,OK? You don’t tell me to spend on a game unless I want it. I choose how to spend my money. Anyway, I want to know if you have ever supported the game.Go on.

(DarkangelUK) #13

@Cosmos_96 Enough with the name calling please.

(n-x) #14

I hope, you kind of see the problem yourself.

And to answer your question. Yes, I have supported the game. I have bought stuff I didnt even want and a merc I will never play, despise and would love to be deleted from the game just to support the Devs since I liked this game a lot and it was the only way to show my appreciation back then.

(Mc1412013) #15

Im hitting 100k fairly quickly and i primarily play execution