(fretn) #21

if you don’t know how they work, you can’t stop them :wink:

maybe it shouldn’t be posted here, but google is 2 easy

(carnage) #22

Why the fuck is there an aimbot tutorial in here?? We’re discussing how to limit them, not to give people ideas on how to create them. REMOVE!

Sure it’s a script kiddy that wrote it who thinks trigonometry is advanced math but still.

trig is advanced maths just some areas are easier than others

(jah) #23

recorded this yeasterday:

400kb’s demo… server had latest etpro and pb on…

hope it helps :frowning:

(Lanz) #24

Well I’ve studied more math than I want to admit, so I guess it’s a matter of opinion.

Anyway, I still don’t think aimbot tutorials belongs here, but if no one else cares as it seems to be then why should I…

(Jaquboss) #25

It is neverending fight jah, right now pb and etpro may ignore that aimbot but perhaps in few weeks it will be registred and cheaters using it detected
You can really easly get a cheat, but when you get into cheating you will never get anywhere
Maybe infiltrating cheaters sites may speed up a procces a bit, but there isn’t way to stop them totally

(carnage) #26

it should be writen into the user licence that it is an awfence to cheat during a game. seems a bit extream but when you consider that there are people playing good money for servers and someone comes and ruins it for that individual and others that in my eays goes somewhere in the direction of misusing someone else property without premision. almost like trespasing. At the end of this day aimboting can be wasting server admins money and should be looked at a bit more seriously i think

(tjw) #27

Have you considered doing this detection on the server side using ent->s.apos.trBase or ent->client->ps.viewangles? It seems like it will be difficult to account for lag/missed frames when doing this client side.

(Sauron|EFG) #28

If you mean a criminal offence then the user license has nothing to do with it. Game publishers can revoke the license and ban the CD-key/GUID from online play if they detect a cheat, but they can’t make up laws.

I wouldn’t mind if cheating in online games actually was illegal, but I doubt it would do much difference.

(SCDS_reyalP) #29

Drifting OT, but it is worth noting that most clienthook bots would qualify a a derived work, and thus the people charging money for them are in voilation of the EULA, and a criminal copyright violation.
They also probably fallafoul of the reverse engineering clauses, because they are not one of the permitted new creations.

If you read the angles on the server, that is going to be much harder to circument. This should work OK, since the actual hit detection is done there too.

I think posting an aimbot tutorial here is a poor choice.

(Chruker) #30

The reason I chose to do this clientside, was to get more frames per second, but I would agree that doing it serverside eventually is better.

iDan, could you trim the aimbot tutorial post, to only show some of the comments. No code :slight_smile:

(Computertech) #31

With the advanced aimbots being used, the only true way to see an aimbotter is the acc%. With cheating, the acc% does not change much at all. Many have the aimbot set to 32% so its range can be 30% to 36%. A human (non-cheater) has a huge range, 8% to 40%. The point is humans vary greatly according to stituation and distance, a aimbottter doesn’t.

(SCDS_reyalP) #32

Some unsupported assumptions going on there, IMO.

(Discovery) #33

Idd… aimbots can have every acc they want, up to about 80 percent at long distance I guess. And I don’t believe that 40 percent is the upper limit for humans.

(squadjot) #34

its hard idd, you can join a server just before a map ends and end up with 70% accuracy just because u only shot a few lucky shots…so that have to be taken in concideration.

all is relative, but a good player has around 45% accuracy so i guess 50% - 55% is about maximum…but again…all is relative.So…determining aimbot or not ,on accuracy may be an bad idea after all

what about mouseinput compared to how the mouse actually moves?, now im not into how the aimbot works in details, but i guess they don’t move entirely themselves?..or do they just adjust/override the mouseinput with its own coordinates? i know some old aimbots simply just snapped to head on +attack, that would be fairly easy to detect (i guess)… but as mentioned current bots are far more advanced …

(die die) #35

i cant offer to much help here, but i can support ur work on making it harder for people to cheat:)

i hope u can get ur idea working m8,cause cheating really sucks the fun outta online fps games

so if you get this working,and pb can soon ban people instead of kicking them for 2 mins for violations like aimbot and wallhack,it would breath some new life into online fps gaming:)

keep up the good work

and im sorry if this is totaly offtopic

die die

(jet Pilot) #36

one of my favorite ways to catch aimbotters on our server is when the idiot goes afk, and an enemy runs in their spawn, crosshair whipping like mad but no lead following. Much fun. Most cheats end up giving themselves away, usually chatting “wow there’s a bunch of cheaters on tonight!” as soon as they connect.

(0x Dead) #37

I think the best way you can combat aimboters is by introducing heuristics analysis on your servers. What does that mean? Basically, you keep track of different data such as speed player changes it’s view angles, does it go from x view angle to y view angle immediately or it has a more “natural” path, is players getting all the kills with headshots, is player shooting other players through walls or if he is using the “worst” weapon in the game and still dominating everyone else. It’s a pretty complicated process, but every aimbot uses basic trigonometry functions. There are bunch of tutorials on this subject so you could take a look at them and learn how they work. Then you will know how to battle them and create a good detection method. About false positives, that will always happen. It’s impossible to create a 100% fully working detection. It’s just the reality.

(edxot) #39

I seen some weird way to test for aimbots.

It was done in this way: for every xxxx dots of horizontal movement from the mouse, one extra dot of vertical movement is added (replace xxxx with 500, 1000, etc…)

This behavior is achieved by infecting the client mouse with software.

Then, all you have to do is to observe the player. If he is clean, he will be shooting enemies over their heads after a while. If not, the aimbot will keep correcting this extra vertical movement.

But i also have seen players that kept cheating without any problems for long periods of time. So, my guess, is that these cheaters, were the same guys that infected the mouses of the best players to check for aimbots.

Anyway, this is not getting any better over the years, just worse.

PS: 23 hours after this post, got the reaction to it.
Played a couple of maps of etqw to see my mouse changing from having mouse acceleration to not having it, and later having it again. These changes occurring every 5 minutes or so. Besides that, the extra dot that I mentioned before was in the reverse direction (down instead of up). Makes me wonder what sort of sick mind is behind this. I wasn’t going to tell who he is, because I am not 100% certain. But this got me a little pissed and so:
he used the nick GREASYOLDGRANNY for some time while playing ETQW.