Annoying Players

(WillKill12) #1

Let me make this quick as I can, I’m a player that have emotion problem and get annoyed easily. I play this game to have some fun. but the fun is gone because this following

  1. Balance, people doesn’t care about balance at all. I don’t think I need to tell you about balance system in this game. Match start and only 4 minute, the match is over. the defender keep getting rushed and game over, the highest score on defender is 2k while attacker is 15k.

  2. Players, Maybe this is the same about balance, but players here doesn’t care about the game balance, if they win, they keep playing. if they lose, they quit. I never quit a match aside when I was new. 8 vs 3 is common in my game

  3. Tutorials / New players, The most annoying part about playing this game must be new players. they never listen to us. camp even attacking, doesn’t revive as medic, doesn’t push as fragger and much more. They said that tutorial are useless and I bet they just play tutorial and forget all the tutorial said.

  4. Ranked matches, I never play this game anymore because it took 13 minutes to find one, and from 12 searches. I just got to ranked 3 times. and people on ranked are also toxic, they join, and left right when the match just started. 2 vs 5.

The shuffle system is awful, no one going to press page up if they are winning, I personally doesn’t like spawn killing or spawn killed. If my team spawn killing, I will wait on objective and run around, practicing my parkour. and I don’t really need to tell what you do when you spawn killed, TL;DR = Waiting game, Spawn. Die. Wait 25 second. Repeat.

People also say im annoying, but seriously. back when 2008, people online never say “salty” word. and if they are annoying, people tell them to calm down or do what he wants. now, salty people in game just get kicked. I get kicked 20 times because im “salty”, I don’t even know what salty means. but they said im salty. so does it means people with emotional problem called salty every time?

Also I’m salty not because I die alot, I don’t care about winning or losing, just balance match, any match more than 7 minute is good match and I never say bad words in that match. but 80% of the time people call me salty because either my team getting rushed, my team doesn’t do anything, or my team spawn killing.

This is a long post, but I just want to give you my opinion on this game

(wolfETplayer) #2

If you have emotion problems do not play any online FPSs

(ParaPlayz) #3

There isnt a thing u said which i have so it might be only u or other guys but not me

(Nail) #4

here ya go bud, have fun

(binderr) #5

Even is he has emotional problem, issues he’s talking about are actual facts. Don’t forget this game suffers the unbalance s**t storm!!!:eek::eek: