(Liberage) #1

So i reached silver recruit so far, now i got back to BRONZE FUCKING SPECIALIST, BECAUSE OF “BALANCED TEAMS”
Also fucking level 7s playing ranked? SD are you drunk?
About assholes, people that teamkill, campers, rhinos, XP farmers ( whic caused me to get BANNED FOR 24 FUCKING HOURS, BECAUSE I KEPT KILLING THIS FUCKING CUNT THAT WAS FARMING XP! IN A RANKED MATCH! HOW ASSHOLIC!)
Friendly fire… hohooo… fucking poor friendly naders killing their teammates because SD is really smart.
Also there’s people that abuse this, pusnishing for no reason
You actually LOSE 2x the exp (JUST ONE) and you gain much less winning

Here’s some images:

(Boory Marks) #2

@Eox @Kirays
OP, no name and shame please, even if what he did was wrong

(Liberage) #3

@BooryDarthNader said:
@Eox @Kirays
OP, no name and shame please, even if what he did was wrong


(henki000) #4

It’s just a game, but for some people its their job, home, marriage, car, food and life. There is no balance, but there is karma.

(DoggoUsedBork) #5

Wow you are lucky to have friends to play wth I don’t :frowning:

(Ominous) #6

Salty is Right. You’re complaining about how people play the game; snipers, rhinos, auras. If you want a better team find people who will play with you.

(Shenaynays) #7

theres a list of specific players i keep that if i see even in the pregame lobby i will /disconnect immediately. Id rather wait another 10 mins than have someone throw the game comepletely

(Boory Marks) #8

@Shenaynays Sorry, but this is kind of an old thread.

necro pls clos

(Shenaynays) #9

oops, i didnt look at the date xd

(martha_smith) #10

if you increase the level to participate in ranked , then it would take even more time , i guess 30 minutes to 1 hour

so , level 7 players are eligible for ranked ,

ik they don’t play that good , but you’ve to adjust mate

don’t take defeat so seriously ,

@Liberage most lvl 7 players don’t know to chat in game , then how they can be abusive

and nobody will punish you , without your fault , (if you don’t like to get punished then don’t do friendly fire)

please calm down and have a break ,

, we should welcome noobs with kindness ,