an idea to fix the Menu lag

(freaky403) #1

hello everyone ,

well idk where to post my idea ( MOD move this post to the right place )

so i was thinking where the lag comes from xD

and i found out that the lag comes from the background picture idk why idk how

and im sure 100%

so my idea is :

to add some option in the settings to change the background picture to some color ( green white black … )

and there is another idea to improve the first idea ( improve the option )

and its to make the option ( selection tool ) :smile:

*- Color : black white blue green yellow … ( or maybe to write the RGB 255.255.255 )

*- Alpha : 0.1 to 1 (min-max)

thats is my idea so :slight_smile: hope u like every one

thx for reading

(NLxDoDge) #2

I have lag to, if your gpu is weak just reduce the resolution (I play on 1080 with a 4k monitor because of this).