Am i the only one who thinks

(SweetGenocide) #1

Am i the only one who thinks that most DB players quit the game because they always do the same thing while attacking like: Delivering,Reparing and other stuff, because my cousin quited DB because of this reason

(inscrutableShow) #2

Yes. You are the only one who thinks that.

(LifeupOmega) #3

As opposed to, say, CS where you always plant or always stop people planting right?
While more gamemodes and objective types would be fun, it’s definitely not a good reason to quit.

(Orivar) #4

I am playing the same 5 maps (Dome is a map?) for 1 year now and I am fine. Sometimes I wont go for objectives :slight_smile:

(The_N00Ba) #5

That is probably one reason why people leave SweetGenocide. People get into certain habits and then get bored. it happens. :slight_smile:

(bgyoshi) #6

The lack of new maps really hinders replayability. You can only endure the same exact map layouts for so long.