Allow us to disable taunts to prevent trolling

(Rosskii) #1

Currently the only way to disable taunts is to turn dialogue volume to zero. But this also mutes important sounds such as “bomb has been planted” etc etc. So please can you seperate these volumes? One for Game mode dialogue and one for player dialogue? I had a guy called ‘Sideways’ who kept taunting every 5 seconds throughout the game. I just quit the server I was so badly triggered. I dont know if he is trying to make people rage, he was also using Rhino so go figure. I feel these types of people are trying to reduce the player base of dirty bomb, because I almost dont feel like playing the game again after that.

(SnakekillerX) #2

Agreed, it is pretty annoying.
Does muting the player mute merc call outs? If not it should.

(neverplayseriou) #3

you can just ignore the guy, also removes the taunts from chat.

(K1X455) #4

Or, a function called player gag can be implemented.

(shaftz0r) #5

callvote mute. problem solved…