All mercs for everyone

(MissTick) #1

Please enable ALL MERCS for EVERYONE.

Thank u,

best regards

ps. I pay for 10 servers. II want this game to be alive. I love DB and All mercs for newbies would make this game alive

(Iwan) #2

I often play on one of your server and the game is fun. But there are a lot of good players around in the game that might shy newbies. In my opinion not all but some, like 4 or maybe 5, mercs should be enabled from the beginning

(DarkangelUK) #3

With the beginner mercs and the 3 on free rotation that’s pretty much what they already have

(rotzleffi) #4

Thx Misstick for the servers … fine work.
But since today i cant connect to any of them.
account level does not meet the level requirements for this server …

Can you pls fix it?