"Alan Brook (version 1)" | Custom map for Wolf:ET | Download and info

(Loffy) #1


I made a new custom map for Enemy Territory, entitled ALAN BROOKE (version 1). Omnibot waypointfiles for server admins are included.

You download from this web site:
(thx for hosting)

Video (showing the map and its main objectives)

Map Information
The Axis are attacking and their overall tactical military aim is to steal the documents (Alan Brooke’s diaries), and to transmit this secret information to their headquarter via a nearby communication radio.

  • Primary Objective: Steal/defend the documents (Alan Brooke’s secret diaries) and transmit at/protect the radio.
  • Secondary Objective: Dynamite/defend the Water Wall.
  • Secondary Objective: Dynamite/defend the Central Wall
  • Secondary Objective: Dynamite/defend the Side Route in the centre
  • Secondary Objective: Dynamite/defend the second Side Route to the Radio
  • Secondary Objective: Get control over the important Command Post

Author: Kent “Loffy” Lofgren, Sweden
Game: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Map Title: Alan Brooke (version 1)
Filename: alanbrooke_v1.pk3
Date: September 2, 2018
Decription: Custom map for Enemy Territory.
Editor: Gtk Radiant 1.6
(-light -fast -samples 2 -filter -bounce 1 -external -lightmapsize 512)

How to install and play this map
Place the file alanbrooke_v1.pk3 in your etmain folder, select it from the Host Game-menu or
bring down the console and type: /map alanbrooke_v1 (then ENTER).

Special thanks and Credits to
A big Thank You to everyone providing input and help.
Also, I want to thank all server admins who host custom maps.

Map files/no copyright
The .map-file is included (which can be used in a map editor, to change or expand the map).
This map, and all its map files (including the .map file) is in the public domain.
No intellectual property rights apply. You may include or distribute this map in any way, without permission from the author.
You may can mass distribute it via any means.
In summary, you may redo/reproduce/update/change this map in ANY WAY, and distribute your new version, without ANY permission from me.

Now, put alanbrooke_v1.pk3 in your etmain folder, pull down the console, type /map alanbrooke_v1, and hit ENTER :slight_smile:

This map is situated in 1942. After the war, Alan Brooke’s diaries where published and what good men died for can now be easily purchased online. LINK TO AMAZON

(KeMoN) #2

Good job! Will try to find a server with it, to play it with real players.
Thank you for also releasing you source files along with the map. I just wish more mappers would have done that throughout the years. Tutorials are fine and all, but most of the times you think of a certain mechanic and know in which map it is, but can’t really see how it is implemented. That’s unfortunate, because in my opinion, that’s a great way of learning.

So, congratulations on the release and see you online.

(Loffy) #3

Thanks Kemon! Of course, not all mappers want to release original source map files, for various reasons, and I can understand and respect that. However, what you say is true.

Further, I have also come to realise that if you give away stuff for free, you will receive more attention = more users/viewers :wink: One great inspiration for me in that sense is the musician Kevin MacLeod . He has given away so much of his great music (e.g. to use as background music in movies, youtube videos, or whatnot ) that he is nowadays known and appreciated around the globe :slight_smile: Had he charged money (even a small sum), his music had not been so widely spread across countries, I am sure.

(Mustang) #4

Has an Adlernest type feel to me from that quick overview video, looks great.

(DarkangelUK) #5

Looking great! Though may i recommend cranking up the detail and the anti aliasing for overview videos? Will make the map (and video) look nicer