Airstrike doesn't deploy

(Major_Slapnuts) #1

every now and again when I throw an airstrike marker and the airstrike does not come. When this happens, I get another airstrike much sooner than normal.

There is no anti-air dome when this happens.

What is happening to my air strike?

(DarkangelUK) #2

If it doesn’t have visibility with the sky then it doesn’t activate, so if its under a bridge, under the EV etc, even someone standing over it in a precise way can block it. Since it doesn’t go off you get a cooldown reduction so you can use it sooner.

(K1X455) #3

What about Stoker’s disappearing molotov fire?

(DarkangelUK) #4

You know that’s a bug, why even ask?

(Press E) #5

He’s probably asking if the airstrike marker can’t bug out too. And well, that can happen a lot. I’ve had it get stuck in weird map geometry before. Sometimes it just disappears, other times it gets stuck and never blows up. OP isn’t really a new poster either, so this could very well be what they’re referring to, rather than it just not calling an airstrike while indoors.

Ultimately though @Major_Slapnuts, it’s best to always look where you’re throwing your airstrikes. Don’t throw it into any complicated geometry like on top of the EV or those bells on chapel, try to get it onto a flat and empty area. Granted it’s pretty rare that it does mess up, but better to make sure

(DarkangelUK) #6

Molotovs don’t need line of sight anywhere and it’s never been possible to block it from going off with any user interaction as a purposeful mechanic, disappearing molotov fire has always been a bug.


Skyhammer’s airstrike ability is designed to work this way: If your marker doesn’t have line-of-sight with the sky, you shouldn’t be able to call-in an airstrike. In certain maps like Underground and the final point of Castle, this creates a scenario where Skyhammer’s kit has a clear weakness.

The airstrike markers aren’t completely useless, however, because you can still use them to damage enemy players, and you’ll get a 19 second cooldown rather than the usual 70 seconds, so that’s basically a free mini grenade every 20 seconds. You won’t be insta-gibbing people like an uber-skilled Fragger, but you might be able to get a cheeky kill on a low-HP Proxy or Sparks.

There may be one or two cases where the marker doesn’t appear to behave as you would expect, such as when your marker lands under a small section of cover such as a doorway, or something else is causing the line-of-sight check to decide that the marker has landed inside cover. You’ll get your airstrike back a lot quicker, though, so you may be able to use this to your advantage if the enemy is trying to count your cooldowns as part of their decision-making.

(K1X455) #8

Ever tried throwing a molotov in Underground on the Southern generator?

No matter how perfect where it lands, the fire is always going off in the wrong place. Sometimes, it vanishes too.

There’s another bug I’m chasing, but I’ll need actual footage before spill the beans.

(Press E) #9

The second part of my comment is directed towards OP, it has nothing to do with molotovs.

Regardless though, throwables can still disappear too, just the same as stoker. It usually happens with fletcher, guardian, thunder and fragger on high ping, and I don’t doubt it could happen to other throwable mercs too, I just don’t play them enough to say for sure.

(DarkangelUK) #10

Which comes down to what was already said, “it’s a bug”. Not too confident it will be fixed in the final bug patch so we’ll need to live with it sadly.

(Zolerox) #11

Ryburn weapon skin (face it) shows the mag outside of the gun, Also a bug.

(Press E) #12

Do you have a screenshot? Honestly kinda curious what that looks like lol