AI making video games?

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Why would we want this when people already suck at making a halfway decent game to begin with? Interesting video, though. I want to do that VR Chernobyl thing.

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More like: How EA Makes Games.

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It’s still a very far future.

Like can robots create other form of media? Nope, nothin’ matches human’s imagination and subconscious level etc.

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To be fair to have an AI make a game it would require a ton of effort (probably a hundred times more than making the game yourself) as it would require for it to have an understanding of what makes a game fun in terms of mechanics and a way of randomizing the game mechanics without breaking the code and have a game that is unable to be completed otherwise it would either produce copies of the same game over and over again or with a broken mess of code.
All of this would require a near if not completely sentient and self improving AI, but then we’d have more important things than the quality of its games to worry about, especially if it’s going to be enslaved by a game company, we all saw what happens when you mess with sentient AIs in films and games…

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Great Work!