Agents of Change maps in dedicated server?

(Suminagashi) #1

Hello. I wasn’t able to get a satisfactory answer from the Steam or Bethesda forums, so hopefully you folks can be of assistance. Normally I’d just post a reply to an already-existing topic such as here or here, but I know some people get bent out of shape if someone replies on a thread that’s been inactive for more than a few months; those two threads didn’t quite give me the specific answer I’m after, but so it’s clear, the following information is about Campaign servers, not Objective or Stopwatch.

I personally do not run a server, but I know someone who does. The servers run fine and get plenty of traffic, BUT they do not currently have the two DLC maps, Labs or Founders’ Tower, included in the rotations. Why? Well… this is what I am told happens when the maps try to load:

“Campaign rules: Unable to load map. The map is locked”

Followed by:

“WARNING: Failed to create creationInfo required to start a map”

We’ve looked all over for answers as to why these maps won’t load right on the server, and came up with nothing, other than that you can get those two maps to exclusively work when using “_dlc1” but that defeats the purpose if you only have a total of two maps to play on. So, can anyone who runs a server with the two maps working correctly, or is knowledgeable about it, inform me how to do this? The overall lack of maps Brink has to offer would certainly benefit from the variety the DLC maps would bring, even if it is just two of 'em. Is it even possible to have all 10 maps in a Campaign rotation? Thanks.