After match ideas

(Comrade_Weeaboski) #1

from what i have noticed at the end of a match the chopper flies away or the object explodes. so as i sat there at the end of the round i had a thought to my self of what do they do after? do the just stop what they are doing and go home? well that doesn’t make much sense to me. so why not implement some kind of after round extraction where all of the mercs currently alive attempt to get to some kind of extraction (the attackers i mean) and the defending team attempts to stop them? you know kind like a payday kinda system were if you make it out alive you get some kind of xp bonus and possibly link it to a team kind of thing where you get more of a bonus the more team mates make it? just a thought, but still i think it would add a whole new level to the game.

(sentimentalFlail) #2

So you saying the chopper going to a place full of enemies makes perfect sense

(opicr0n) #3

Sounds a lot like Titanfall extraction.

(Comrade_Weeaboski) #4

never played titan fall and well yeah actual extraction make sense

(Boto 1ava) #5

lol it would be funny if the winning team starts dancing

(VincentRJaeger) #6

Contrary to what is generally known, mercenaries are very fond of the arts of dancing as a method to commemorate their victories and taunt their adversaries.

(Yak) #7

I like the idea, but it wouldn’t work on some maps. Underground ends with everyone dying as the map is flooded, and Chapel ends with the attackers dying underneath the collapsing building.

(bontsa) #8

[left][quote=“Yak;48325”] … Underground ends with everyone dying as the map is flooded, and …[/quote]

Shall we?[/left]

(Samniss_Arandeen) #9


Shall we?[/left]

If you can’t say it with roses…

(RedBeard) #10

Another Match!

(ProfPlump) #11

It’d be cool if, after the objectives were done (and all the mercs had their contracts paid, or they failed their contracts), everyone respawns on the map and has, say 100 credits to their name. Then a 30 second timer starts, and if you kill someone and gib them you get their credits. There are no respawns, and you can just run away and hide if you want to.

Just an idea - there’s probably a thousand reasons why it shouldn’t be implemented.