Advancement Crates

(alphabeta) #1

If any developers are still reading this; please change the rewards on Advancement Crates. You shouldn’t grind for 100,000 or so credits only to get a Bronze Loadout Case as your reward. 5 of them? Maybe. But not one. Please, if you want anyone to keep playing the game, give them a reason. I would suggest a Prime Case at the least.

Thanks for your consideration.

(K1X455) #2
  • 2000 credits
  • 500 fragments
  • Random chance to get a 5% gold, 20% silver or 75% Bronze loadout of a random merc… get it? Random of a Random?

We’re losing players left right and centre… They can’t possibly give any more incentive to play

(ASD) #3

if you only play the game because of the crates… noone can help you
this is primary a shootergame … grab a gun and start shoooooooting!

(Press E) #4

Why can’t they? New players don’t usually spend money on a dying game, old players don’t even need to. It’s not like SD would be losing much by eliminating a lot of the grind at this point. They’re losing players now, and at least this way they might bring in a few more to extend the life of the game by a little bit (and the change of someone buying an obsidian or whatever).

At a certain point you’re just pulling a Lawbreakers. That game was on a fast track to the gutter but it took them until it was all but dead to make it free, at which point it was too late. Might as well do something now, since DB is going that way too

Giving players a free item is a valid marketing strategy. It gives people some investment into a game, even if they’ve never played it. It doesn’t matter if you think crates should be in the game at all, because they are, and there are people who care about them.
Simply, free items pull in players. Players who might learn to like the game for more than just items.

(K1X455) #5

It’s because SD just wants to wrap up the franchise. They don’t feel supported well enough by the players and the players feel disenfranchised by their “balancing” and design considerations. Ask yourself, if all the playerbase has spent at least $20 in 2017, why would SD put an end on the development in 2018? Up there, it’s an ugly battle of economic numbers. Now unless some divine wind blows and fan the flames, things will only get colder and colder.

(alphabeta) #6

They want people to play. Give them a reason to play. Advancement crates should really reward you for playing long enough to earn one. Simple as that.

(alphabeta) #7

Please reconsider this. Grinding for 250,000 XP to get an Advancement Crate should have a greater reward than the Bronze load out card that just drops randomly. Please reward your players for playing!