Admin overstepping their bounds

(approvingBusiness) #1

Anyone else in Australian servers having a problem with admin. On the 8th December 2015 around 4pm in the 7-vs-7 -05 server I had “system” calling a vote to kick me. Wasn’t trash talking or being an ass. I have been banned from another execution server and was not given a reason.

(SirMurder) #2

Its always system if you open console you can see who tried or is trying to kcik you

(MTLMortis) #3

It’s completely out of your control. It’s a F1/F2 vote and there is no reason attached. Play on another server, there are plenty of them.

(RedBeard) #4

I’ve played on a few servers when joining as a medic mind you. They team is begging for a medic. Say the words no and they kick you as you about to revive them. Just laugh, let the loosing team stay bad.

PS: This post is pointless.