Added posible tutorial elements

(Freadanator) #1

So, I went and tried the new tutorial and yes it works well but I find that there is one important element missing to either the main tutorial or added into the tutorial vids.

That is the icons above player heads. You know the ones, the blinking white ammo, help up, revive, and health icons that float above players heads. In my opinion in the main tutorial you show off the ammo one to the blue dummy that you need to supply ammo to and mention that there are other icons similar to this one that will help you out. Then in the tutorial vids you talk about each one in a bit of detail. It would really help new players that have no clue about them, I know when I first played that I didn’t notice them as I was more worried about learning the gunplay and figuring out some trick jumps. And I have witnessed lots of possibly newer players that didn’t give ammo when I needed some, while I was standing in front of them with literally no ammo.

(Freadanator) #2

I just want to give this post one last little hurrah as it didn’t seem to get any attention on the first pass. I really think it would be nice to let new players in on the info as it’s pretty invaluable and has helped me play my role much better when I’m either fire support or medic.

I’d also like to hear what others think about this as well. Get a little conversation going you know?