add in game masks

(Darkcola) #1

Add in game paper masks or the like for players- can be of pop figures/stars.athletes and political figures world wide. Imagine getting naded by nader + merkel mask. Or Fragger with a Trump mask?

(Dysfnal) #2

This isn’t TF2, I’d like to keep it that way

(Fyrix) #3

@Dysfnal last time I checked, a trump mask wasn’t attainable in TF2.

I both support and disapprove of this.
The issue being are all of these figures in the DB universe or not. Would be nice for customization of mercenaries.

(Dysfnal) #4

facepalm we don’t need hats, or their cousin, masks, I’d rather have incredibly rare loadout cards and trinkets, they’re more unique to this game

(Fyrix) #5

I didnt say we did NEED them, just said it’d be nice to have some further customization.

(SweetGenocide) #6

Custom/Obsidian Skins are supposed for that, but i would love seeing loadouts for Halloween <-<;