Add a delay to guardian revives

(Jigstraw) #1

isn’t shit like this exactly the reason a delay was added to sparks revives literally years ago?

(ostmustis) #2

it is

(Mustang) #3

The reason why the delay was reduced is because the revive is buggy/inconsistent and it felt worse to have a massive cooldown when it wasn’t your fault the revive failed. Basically a shorter cooldown is a compromised/easier fix than reworking the targeting code.

(Jigstraw) #4

You’re talking about cooldowns. I’m talking about the delay between hitting the revive, and the player actually getting up. On sparks, there’s a significant delay in place after hitting a target to revive, and the player actually getting up and receiving revive immunity. This is to give enemy players a fair chance to finish their downed kill off. With guardian, there’s no such added delay; she revives just as quickly as defibrillators. The reason I’m drawing this comparison is that they’re both ranged revives, and one is appropriately penalized, but the other isn’t.

(mrdisco) #5

Can’t see the problem here.

So… no.

(Meetrock) #6

Sparks revives people using a spark shot with her rifle, so it makes sense to add a little delay before it works, since a spark might take a few milliseconds to actually reach the destination (Slow than a bullet, faster then hunter’s arrows). Guardian in the other hand use a different type of defibrillator, instead of the traditional one, she uses a dome that sends electrical waves(much much faster than sparks revive). So I don’t see the reason why she should be nerfed again. Keep in mind as well that she needs to be a few meters close to her teammates to actually revive them, so if you can’t kill her, don’t at least blame her.

(Mustang) #7

Ah okay, yea seems fine then.

(Your worst knifemare.) #8

Sparks delay is because she can revive people from across the map.

Guardy still has to be close to her teamates in order for her revived to count.


Guardian does have a delay, you can kill someone she’s trying to revive, it’s just difficult.
Considering her revive still has a cooldown attached to it, having such a short get up delay really isn’t that bad. If they were to lengthen the getup time, they need to remove the cooldown, even if it is short.

Tbh I’d rather guardian be given some sort of visual queue for the area she’s about to revive. That way you’d know when there’s a guardian charging around the corner, and the guardian’s teammates know she’s going to revive them so they don’t have to do it themselves

(Runeforce) #10

It was the immunity that was changed, so it was delayed, so you had a window to gib after the revive connected, and it still funtions that way with guardian, so nope, not at all, it never happened.

(ostmustis) #11

immunity was changed but it also takes 0.3s longer for sparks revive targets to get up than if you would get defibrilated.

(K1X455) #12

Revive delays should be reduced depending on how much health is given, not increased.


Imo revive delays shouldn’t be affected by health given at all, it just makes things harder to predict. If you see a downed fragger, a good player can memorize how many hits it takes to finish them, and how long it takes to fire off those shots. Not knowing that just needlessly throws you off