Active Clan List.

(LightningV) #1

I figured until Bethesda finds a way in searching for the most recent/active clans in general for the BRINK clan site, I figured this would help anyone looking to find/ join clans much easier. Forgive me if I missed your clan as there are over 100 and I didn’t have time to get to them so please feel free to post your clan if it follows the instructions underneath in parenthesis.
(Please do not post your clan unless they are active, at least 3-5 players and do not post your members names.)

NwO: New World Order (NA)
GOON: Goon Mob(NA)
TGL: The God Likes(NA)
DTA: Dark Firebird (NA)
ArK: Arkestra (NA)
KNI: Knightmares (NA)
PFB: PinkFluffyBunny (NA)
GLH: Gods Left Hand (NA)
ECO: Euro Coalition Ops (EU)

Xbox 360
RAIN: Acid Rain (NA)
RiF: Resistance is Futile (NA)
NaLe: Nameless (NA)
GUY: Children of the Guy (NA)
lNDY: The Lost Ark (NA)
Shhh: PlayfulSecrets (NA)
FiE: Element (NA)
SNPE: snipers-go-hard (NA)

BANG: Ninja Snipers
-FW-: Forgotten Warriors
SHD: Spearhead Division
DxH: DisposablexHeroes
SfW: The Sarifan Warriors
LiGh: Little Fighters
Aus: Penumbra
HAMH: HjammerHeads

(matsy) #2

Would help if we knew which platform and continent these clans belong to :slight_smile:

(LordofNosgoth) #3


[SfW]: The Sarifan Warriors - North America/Asia/Australia

(Attackcobra) #4

It says their all PS3

(LightningV) #5

Actually it’s supposed to be for every system I just didn’t have time to do all of them til today, plus there are a lot of “One Man Army’s” so sorting through almost each clan kind of gets tiring. But if I missed anyone’s clan feel free to post yours and follow the instructions from the first post. This page will refresh every three days.

(matsy) #6

Pretty sure when I posted it didn’t… or I possibly thought PS3 was a clan tag…

(LightningV) #7

Update: 12/06/2011 7:40pm EST

No new clans above 3-5 members.


thx for doing this lighting :slight_smile:

(LightningV) #9

I sent you a challenge btw on the BRINK 3v3 Holiday Ladder.

(tangoliber) #10

Thanks for the challenge. Junky should be back online in a few days, and I’d like to get another player for 3v3.

(Victormination) #11

That won’t be a problem anymore.

For ol’ times sake :stuck_out_tongue:

(kawajj) #12

Hey V ,hows things dude,
Ya need to put (ECO) in there Euro Coalition Ops …
You put it on the Beth one but not here , and take me old BRE out thats inactive…

cheers man … p.s and its EU

(kawajj) #13

Hey V

That darkclaw clan (DRK) went a long time ago to…the ex leader is in (ECO) now ,
and the BORG and CUBE were developers clans for testing so they can be removed.
just thought I would let you know man so you can update it…

see ya later