Achievement Meetup:


Primarily for Guardian’s Five Point Palm achievement, but can help with others like the Hunter/Phantom achievements. So far we’ve got a group of (now 20) people who want it and need a couple more. Will probably be completed sometime this weekend. This is the last call.

Update: About 14 of us were able to get the achievement today. Closing my links. Good luck to anyone else going for 100% in this game.


Ignore thread.

(Meetrock) #3

I’m in, I really wanna do it, it’s the one I’m missing alongside Hunter headshooting a cloaked phantom. (I have 75 out of 77 achievements I think).


Glad to have ya., I’ll help you get that one sometime for sure. Doesn’t have to be a headshot, though, you just need to finish off a Phantom with an EMP bolt. Problem is that achievement is a bit bugged. It took me multiple tries getting in naturally before it popped. Certain things seem to trigger it whereas others register nothing. Personally, I found the easiest way to get it is finishing off a moving Phantom, from a far enough distance, while aiming down the scope and fully charging the shot. Didn’t pop when I got a body shot at close range, or headshot, tried it with a buddy repairing the EV without any luck, and same with a Phantom that was cloaked. It’s really hit or miss. Message in the group which guy you are and I’ll hop on and help you get it.