Achievement Bug

(BTNTR) #1

Greetings everyone,

 First of all, I'd like to thank the community and the Devs for the work and the awesome game and work they do.

I play the game for more than two years and I keep enjoying it every week if not every day.
I’d like to talk about what I discovered and think is a bug. For the past months, I decided to get rid of all the achievements and to grind time and sweat to finish all of them.
But a particular thing caught my attention, the burst rifle one. For the last week or so, it doesn’t matter how many kills I do with my Stark on Kira or Arty, it always adds to the achievement kill meter, it only adds one.
At the beginning, since I am not a beast, I was telling myself that I did worse than what I was thinking, but after doing games with like ten kills with burst rifles, still only one kill is being added to my meter.
Did one of you ever encounter this bug? Do you have any idea of how it may arise ? Because in one week I achieved the melee and shotguns one whithout any kind of problems.

Thanks a lot for your help and have a good day!