Achievement boosting

(Meerkats) #1

Would anybody like to take over a server with me one day and grind out those various merc specific achievements, i.e., revive five players at once with Guardian?

Dirty Bomb has been a significant part of my gaming life for the last three and a half years, and I think it only fitting this be one of those rare games I 100%.

In commemoration of all those good times.

(ASD) #2

feel free to join empty server… we often do stupid things if the server is not full… why not revive 5 at once :slight_smile:

(Meetrock) #3

I’m down, I actually have 2 achievements left out of 77. The guardian revive and hunter killing phantom.

Add me in steam: gepardsmezazvers

(Xenithos) #5

I’m up for it. If we can do that (already on your list) then just hmu

(HadronZodiac) #6

Im down

(ThePigVomit) #7

I actually got the 5 points palm legit. My alt got the Hunter/phantom kill. So it isn’t impossible. Just rare to see a phantom

(luversels) #8

I’m down to help. And i need the five point palm too. that’s my steam profile. Feel free to add me and hmu if u need someone to fill a slot.

(Meerkats) #9

Air Cav achievement for Javelin might no longer be obtainable. I tried, but the rocket seems to lose guidance after ten or fifteen seconds.

@Smooth, please try to convince the dev team to fix achievement in final patch. :frowning: Take the easy way and just change the achievement requirement to six seconds of guidance or something.