accuracy 166% bug or feature?

(ASD) #1


this seams to be little bit unrealistic…

or was he simply hiting with every 2nd shot twice?

(ASD) #2

new highscore: 322%

(DB Genome editor) #3

For some stupid reason I didn’t take a screenshot, by a few days ago I got a “Most accurate” award showing something like 4200 landed shots, but then in the detailed stats my accuracy was far from being the top one for that round and I clearly didn’t cause damage consistent with 4K+ hits. So yeah, some issues with those accuracy stats… :frowning:

(ASD) #4

shoe doesn’t find this thread … but i found his one

so its a feature :slight_smile:

(ASD) #5

new highscore 616%

(ASD) #6

obviously this is still broken… just had this:

all kills with rhino minigun… obviously this doesnt count