Account suspended

(Alexpoiss123) #1

i try to renew account and now i cant play when i get my acc back?. telling this [identity erasure]

(Mustang) #2

How did you try to renew account?

And what does identity erasure mean?

If could be useful if you try to follow some steps from here: Reporting an in-game issue

Posting screenshots of logs perhaps.

Is this the european/global version, or the russian version (if that even exists anymore)?

(Alexpoiss123) #3

(Mustang) #4

Interesting, not seen this before.

I guess it means your account was erased/deleted.

So what is the “renew account” process you did?

(Alexpoiss123) #5

sry my bad but how i can get my account back or start playing with new account ??