About the Rank matchmaking for season 3.

(MikeGreene1990) #1

I heard in a dev update that unranked players will not be qued with gold and above. That is actually Awesome however i think the gap should be lower.

Two thoughts i have for the random team drawings.

My 1st thought was to limit un-ranked player to bronze master at most if they are not qued with anyone. Same goes for Bronze recruit playing with a Silver Master at most and so forth. a Max difference of 4 ranks. However this still leaves a problem.

Rank is only good on paper, it doesn’t reflect actually skillful play. I am ranked at Silver Master but i know i should be in gold at the very least. but this is because of the current match making algorithm. This leads me to my 2nd idea.

We sort the team generation by average KD and weapon accuracy. This way if the worst player’s KD is around 2. And the best players KD is say 3. It will narrow the gap between potato games of players that cannot shoot and go 10 and 30. We can narrow the skill gap for shooting and make it so that the only difference is team work for objective and communication play.

With this point in mind, we can program KD ranges for solo players. If they go 30/20 there 1.5 KD so it will find a player who will be no less than 30/30 or no better than 30/15. for EX. The KD would have to reflect their overall kills and deaths through some stat tracker. Same for kill rates on weaponry and gun accuracy.