About the Console

(SatanicUnicorn) #1

My first question is what the higgity heck happened to that thing, I really liked flipping coins damnit :frowning:

are there alternate ways to see FPS/Ping in game?


Huh? The console is still there, it’s just disabled by default because lots of new players kept opening it by accident and freaking out or whatever. Go into language settings I think and hit the checkbox at the bottom.

Also you can always use steam for FPS. Ping is easy to see in the leaderboard too.

(pumpkinmeerkat) #3

Stat fps in console. Can also be added to auto exec using steam launch options.

Still waiting for SD to add FPS counter as an in-game option. Would also appreciate FPS cap in game settings so we don’t have to update configs after each update.