Ability Passive Concept: Shields


This is a suggestion for a passive ability.

Armor Specialist
Mercs with this have a barrier that adds an additional 20% to a character’s maximum HP that regenerates instantly when the character wasn’t shot for at least 1.5 seconds.

The idea behind the ability is to give a powerful defensive passive to characters that have primarily offensive abilities.

(Da_Mummy) #2

Even though it sounds good at first, but giving any merc a health extention would just generally make weapon balance pointless.
Keep in mind that every tiny tweak to a weapons damage is considered with every mercs health in mind.
I would love to see an idea like this in game but I don’t think that it’s going to work

(rotermax1) #3

I agree to @Da_Mummy, it seems to be a good idea, but think about the style of game Dirty Bomb is and how it’s balanced right now. A fast-pasted game like Dirty Bomb needs simple and structured gameplay with clear health values. Health values are also important for balancing out weapons and abillitys (e.g. Snipers with one-hit capeabilitys or Semi-Autos with two shots). If something exactly like this would exist in the game it would be confusing at best.
Overall: good idea, needs tweaking though.

(TheStrangerous) #4

Hello Clone Commander, from OG BF2 game!
Sure, I’d love him to make a return, as reincarnation in DB.