Ability Ideas (mega thread ig?)

(HadronZodiac) #1

EM Storm - EMPs everything in a designated area
Cooldown - 20
Radius - 5.5m
MaximumDesignationRange - 6.6m

Serum Tether - Connects to a teammate and heals
Healrate - 12hp per second
Maximum health given before cooldown - 240
Cooldown - 20 seconds
Maximum Tether Range - 4.67m

EM Radiator - Deploys a small emitter that constantly emits EM waves
Health - 40
Cooldown - 14
Lifetime - 8
ThrowRange - 7m
Emits a faint glow

Nanobay - A deployable that heals other deployables, and does light damage to enemies in the radius
Health - 110
Cooldown - 20seconds
RetrieveCooldown - 6seconds
Repair/Damage Range - 6m
RepairRate - 18 per second

Max Repair HP Given - 180hp
Repair cooldown - 6 seconds

DamageRate - 10 per second

ECD Grenade - When detonated, enemy gun spread increases by 25% and prevents ADS
Cooldown - 18 seconds
BlastRadius - 4.5m

IW Grenade - Removes all team and enemy labels including health, name, and team
Cooldown - 22 seconds
BlastRadius - 3.5m
EffectTime - 4 seconds

probs all broken but^ there ya go ig

(AlbinMatt) #2

Might as well. I have a bunch of situational ideas that are mostly useless. Maybe others can elaborate.

Sentinel Call
A “touch” ability that revives a teammate with at least half their health, regardless of charge, and grants them immunity from melee and reduces ballistic damage by half for ten seconds. Can be used on living teammates for the same effect but with a minor health boost instead.

Territorial Instincts
Enter a state of sharp consciousness, spotting any enemy within LoS for twelve seconds. Ability lasts for 24 seconds.

Universal Engineer Ability. Repairs deployables at a rate of 20hp/s. This includes Bushy Turrets, Turtle’s Wall, Aura Portable Pharmacy, and Ammo Stations.

Napalm Blanket
Calls in a napalm airstrike, causing marginal direct damage but coats a large area in fire that damages 20% more than Stoker’s Molotov.

Molly’s Ooze
In compensation, Stoker’s Molotov now has its flammable gel stick to anyone that comes in contact with it, causing 5 damage/s for 5 seconds.

I never felt satisfied with the molotov as an anti EV device and it was always too small for open maps. At the same time, it didn’t feel punishing enough for tards that waltz into the flames.

(Ptiloui) #3

Hacking deck

Hack all enemy deployables around you (~10m) and turns them to your side for 10 seconds.
Hacked deployables may not be recovered.
Cooldown : 30 seconds

Neurotoxin Dart

Fires a dart on an enemy that inoculates a strong neurotoxin in his body, which makes him unable to use anything but his weapons (block all abilities) for 7 seconds. If the enemy is actually using an ability, it is cancelled.
Cooldown : 15 seconds

OR a stronger version : Put enemy abilities on cooldown as if they just used them. For mercs with multiple use (like Nader or Arty), it is considered as if all charges of that ability were used. Cooldown : 30 seconds

Blood Bond (Yeah this one will be totally f*cked up xD)

Share a blood bond with a team member for 10 seconds. All damages dealt to this team member are dealt to you instead. The blood bond is interrupted if you die. You cannot recover HP or be healed during the blood bond.
Cooldown : 50 seconds

Ninja Steps

For 5 seconds, your movement speed is set to 470, you benefit from the Flying Pig augment and you don’t generate any noise during movement (be it sprinting or jumping).
Cooldown : 20 seconds

(Your worst knifemare.) #4

Cultist Kira confirmed?