A PSA From a Lore Nut

(MuddyGrenade) #1

I doubt that I’m the one who knows the most about Dirty Bomb’s lore out there, that’s probably like Shinywindow or something, but I would like to think I know a decent amount about most of the mercs (especially when I had to read all of them to make my headcanons list) and lore.
With that in mind, I would like to request that people stop putting fake lore in the trivia sections of the wikia. I know that some of it is silly and obviously a joke, like when that one guy said that Fletcher learned to make sticky bombs from his grandma, but others could seem real to a newcomer. For example, there was a comment saying that Thunder is the only one who knows Sparks’ real identity from their “many talks”. I said that Thunder and Sparks are frequent chatters, but that was part of a headcanon list, but someone browsing the wiki who doesn’t know better may believe it to be true.
Another thing that I would request is that you don’t put opinions into the trivia section. I remember someone saying something along the lines of Proxy being Dirty Bomb’s flagship character, whether people like it or not, and comparing her to Tracer and the Heavy. That’s not trivia. If someone were to say “It has been stated by Splash Damage that they see Proxy as the flagship mercenary of Dirty Bomb”, then it would make sense.
Finally, I would request that people do not put patch notes or tips-and-tricks on the trivia section. There are spots for that on some of the mercs’ pages, and it would be better, in my opinion, if we just made it that way for all the mercs.
Keep trivia trivial, please!

(AlbinMatt) #2

Does anyone actually visit the wiki? I usually just go there for some number crunches or copypasta the console commands.

Still, it would be nice to clean up the pages.