A pleasure to be here.

(Bastion_) #1

My name is Kieran, although typically I prefer to use Bastion, has a better ring to it for me.

I spend the vast majority of my time making levels for games, nothing professional (sadly), but instead as a hobbyist and occasional freelancer.
Multiplayer levels are what I started working with and still work on (games like Counter-strike and Teamfortress) although it is a challenge when you need to setup a group of people to help test it since I don’t have access to a group of people willing to help. So every so often I switch over to singleplayer (games such as Skyrim and Half-Life)

Here are a couple shots of some of my work if you’re interested:

I have a couple projects in the work currently, Still going through layout ideas, cutting out things that don’t work and looking to see what can be improved. I keep the wall that’s against my desk plastered with drawn layouts to take ideas from.

Currently my regularly played games are, in no particular order:

[li]Dirty Bomb
[/li][li]Payday 2
[/li][li]Metro (2033 and last light)

I can be found on Twitter here if that takes your fancy: https://twitter.com/KhBastion

(Mustang) #2

Great first post, welcome.

You may or may not be aware, but there are some really talented map and asset creators around these parts for a little game called Enemy Territory that always seem keen to see new faces.

You might enjoy having a read of this thread: It’s time

(KeMoN) #3

Welcome to the forums.
I agree with Mustang, great first post. I especially like the atmosphere of the second sample shot you provided. Dirty Bomb is a fantastic choice for a Multiplayer game. Maybe we’ll see each other there for the occasional match. :wink:
Since Mustang already brought it up, I would like to also welcome you to the Enemy Territory section of this forum. Talents for map creation are always welcome.


(Bastion_) #4

Thanks for the welcome, I’ll make sure to check out the Enemy territory sub-forum soon and see if it gives me any ideas to work with.