A perm AUSSIE server

(Robbo) #1

I use to play a long time ago, just thought id download again and get back into it. I see that theres hardly any servers now, any chance of having and aussie server again?
Or is the option there to have your own server?

(Mc1412013) #2

@jemstar used to have one dont know if he still does

(jemstar) #3

Oh yes we still have the Aussie server!!! It fills up every night from 7:30pm EST, the early bird get in without waiting lol. Thanks for the notification @Mc1412013 and @robbo I believe I remember you! Also the server is a mix of obj/exe maps and Mon to Fri is FFon so be carefull!! Sat n sun we let our hair down and is FFoff!

(Robbo) #4

yeah man i remember you, yeah got on today and no aussie server to be seen

(jemstar) #5

DB can be temper mental, try refresh or check your filters. For me until I refresh the aussie [BLOOD] server is down the list. Once you refresh it sorts the list in ping order so BLOOD will be at the top.