A Note About Thread Tagging

(badman) #1

Just a quick note about the thread tagging feature. It’s great to see that so many of you are using the tags now, but as with everything else, please keep them civil and non-offensive. I’ve had to remove several tags that were flat out insulting to several members of this forum - this kind of stuff is no more acceptable than insulting others in your posts.

Related, if you spot an offensive tag, please report it using the Report Post icon on the first post in the thread (along with a note pointing out the tag in question).

Update: It is now possible for anyone to see a thread tag’s author. To do this, simply go to the Edit Tags section at the bottom of a thread and then mouseover the tag you want to see the author of. Again, if you spot an offensive tag, just report the first post in the respective thread with a note pointing out the tag in the question and we’ll take measures.


(Nail) #2

Thanks for the cleanup, place was looking like a clan site

(Paul) #3

Sorry I couldn’t let it but just had to say this here:

I don’t want to post more tags because my nice little award will shift one place to the right :frowning:

btw… What does the ‘iron fist’ tag has to do something with this thread?

(signofzeta) #4

I don’t really like the tagging feature on any site, because a lot of people on youtube seem to put every word in the dictionary as a tag, just so a lot of people can watch that person’s video. But as long as the tag has something to do with the thread, then it is fine.

I also hate using the search feature, wanting to search for something, and it gives me useless stuff.

(BioSnark) #5

and I completely agree with you. It’s still being used to argue, anonymously. Not quite as much like a public bathroom wall, at least.

(tokamak) #6

Plus the fact that so many duplicate threads exists is a testimony that nobody is using it anyway.

(dohfOs) #7

aye, would e better if tags just weren’t anonymous

(Susefreak) #8

I blame the stats:armadillochase:

(Herandar) #9

Might be time to start another clean-up run. Most of them aren’t offensive, but they have been ridiculous lately. I think we all now know that ‘brother chen was here’.

(xTriXxy) #10

i think this tagging is very funny.

(Nail) #11

I find it stupid and childish, and hope it gets cleaned up soon

(xTriXxy) #12

i can see admins cleaning thread by thread only because 2 ppl find it stupid.

(Breo) #13

Most of the tags has absolutly nothing to do with the OP (Check ETQW section)

What about removing it completely or only give the ability to the topic starter to add tags?

(Nail) #14

topic starter can edit the tags or remove them entirely

(Herandar) #15

Everyone please note xTriXxy’s most recent award… And now we know who’s doing the ‘Keyser Soze’ tag.

(Nail) #16

it’s the same as your latest award as well, who be taggin who ?

(xTriXxy) #17

lol ok ok :slight_smile:

hahaha and u are bro chen

(Herandar) #18

Yes, the only reason I knew to look for it. I am not tagging any more than I have been since I “returned” to the forum this January, and I’m not posting any ‘X was here’ tags. There are also no tags with my name in them, though that may change as a direct result of this post. I have no reason to lie.

(xTriXxy) #19

i believe you herandar:)

(Herandar) #20

Nope. I’m 90% sure that is 1234567, unless it is someone that doesn’t actually post much.

Would I revive this thread to complain about it if I was doing the posting? (I’m bored, but I’m not that bored.)