A lot of bugs with the new patch...

(Armedmanus) #1

Hi guys,

So I’ve been having a lot of issues with the new patch. Not sure why.

Here are some ongoing issues that happen a lot:

  • The game crashes a lot and randomly with my iPhone 4S…

  • The replay (of the opponents turn) freezes when a deployo cover get’s dropped and the parachute stays frozen for the rest of the game. (This happens on both my iphone 4S and ipad Air) I can continue by skipping the replay.

  • Biggest issue right now is that I can’t finish one of my games. Whenever I kill the last unit on my opponents team, it will say unable to send turn. (I tried this turn over and over and on both of my devices and the same thing happens…) I tried a turn when I didn’t kill the unit and it did send!! … this is so weird and I have no idea why this is happening. I then played a turn after that and killed the last unit again, and it didn’t send again… so annoying.

There are more but I can’t think of them right now, I will post them as I encounter them again.


(Jerry-Rigs) #2

The biggest bug I’ve seen is the deployo cover. The animation hangs and weird things happen after that. I’m on iPad 3rd gen.

(tinker) #3

Hey Guys
Santa Claus brought me a new iPad so i am BACK in the game :smiley:

seems I found some new bugs as well

since i (like most veterans) have all units between 4 and 5 times, I am not so interested in buying boosters

I got a free booster for playing the toturial, it seemed kind of bugged since i am lvl 23 and had to run through the toturial
no idea if THAT’s a bug or intentioned on your side

the toturial is perfect :slight_smile:

seems my free booster provided me a 6th gus marx…
since you called it “collectable cards” you should add some sort of feature to “trade”, sell or just not to get mor than 5 “cards” of the same toon

It seems there are like 4 or 5 toons that I only have 3 or 4 times, the rest is already at 5,6 or even 7 (due to loot crates)
So buying boosters till I have every toon 5 times would result in me having more than 4 toons 6,7 or way more times

so far I only bought 1 booster-pack and seem to have picked the right one :smiley:

could not check If I actually got a weapon or just none

another thing is the actual multiplayer
either there is nearly nobody anymore playing the game or there is some sort of problem with the 15minutes gaming… I don’t seem to find an opponent

and that is double-annoying since you don’t want a game to Start when you’re gone (after waiting like 15-30min for a game to find a partner (the quick-time games)

last thing so far… also more about collecting and getting EXACTLY what you want and/or need
a daily offer would be great

a rotations of toons AND / OR weapons one can buy with coins, so it is not ENTIRELY luck to get the same (maybe wanted) toon 2 or 3 times at ones
Or… like a Sniper Rifle or shotgun ( I somehow expect someone to get 3 or 4 engis AND/OR Agent in his packs, without 1 shotgun AND / OR Sniper-rifle

there seem to be major problem with older devices, lagging or crashing is not actually a bug of the game, just hardware of the device is outdated…
dunno if you can do anything about this at all (like downgrading the rendering etc…)

after all the nagging
I love the rendering, looks awesome on the air2… seems the 2 least necessary items however did not get any (XP and COIN boost [btw., do we still get XP boost in packs after reaching MAXIMUM Level… does it use up or stack until maybe MORE levels come])

the toturial is awesome
the quick game is great in theory, havent had one yet though

and I love to see the commander in big at the main menu. we haven’t had the chance to do that yet.

hope you guys are doing well

with friendly regards

(Armedmanus) #4

I bought 10 card sets and five of them were Tim Taschman…
I think the other issue is we should be able to sell / delete or trash units if it’s going to be so random… I have almost 50 units and it’s annoying having to scroll through them all every time I need to make changes. I now have 7 Tim Taschman which is pointless to have…

(Silvanoshi) #5

Thanks for the feedback guys, it’s very much appreciated!

Armedmanus regarding the 4s. Your crashing problem can be caused by other apps failing to let go of the system resources that they were using while running…causing RAD to either run slowly or even crash sometimes. To test this…if you reboot your phone and then load RAD before loading anything else, you shouldn’t have any crashing issues.

There does indeed seem to be an issue with cover deployment. Thanks for that.

The inability to finish a game. That’s very odd. Has it happened again since that first occasion?

Congrats on the new iPad Tinker :)!

Do you have all of the outfits for each soldier? You can get outfits in the packs, so it may well be worth picking up a pack whenever you have enough coins :).

The tutorial was indeed intended to be played once after the update, given that it’s new; we wanted everyone to give it a go.

You will have received a weapon for that blank card, don’t worry about that. So far it seems like that error only occurs with the electri fryer…if you experience it with anything else please let us know.

Are you able to find matches with using normal duration games?

A way to scrap and/or choose cards might be something that we can look at for a future update. Just to double check Armedmanus, your duplicates aren’t additional outfits are they?

(Armedmanus) #6

Ok, I’ll try that.

This has only happened for that one game. It end by me blocking his last unit from entering the rocket zone, then he couldn’t send the final turn so it expired the game after two days.

I’ve also tried the quick matches 5+ times and have never been able to finish a full game. I think this game play option need to be tweaked somehow so that it’s usable. I only play normal games now and don’t even attempt the 15min matches.

Nope, I have lots of units… I’ve played this since the start so I have over 50 units right now. I know the average person won’t get this much but I can imagine that if you have players that are trying to get one unit but keep on getting the same other units, it would be frustrating to have to scroll through all the units. I would even be happy if I could just delete a toon just to clean up my barracks.

(tinker) #7

thanks :wink:

yeah, I do, got the rest of them with the loot-crates

I’m keeping an eye on it, although I’m not certain wether I will buy (many) more packs at the moment…

sometimes yes, sometimes not.
there seem to be some other problems, but I could not find any pattern on that

e.g. occasionaly the game says something like “no internet connection” - while it IS there (had the same issue on the iPod before) … got ping-gadget with constant connection-, strength- and delay feedback

sometimes its stuck on loading screen after picking everything

But I finnaly had 1 or 2 short games yet.

A way to scrap and/or choose cards might be something that we can look at for a future update. Just to double check Armedmanus, your duplicates aren’t additional outfits are they?[/QUOTE]

I think it is somehow neccessary… although I like the idea of cheap booster very much…

2 other bugs I came across:

chat does not display the words when I want to finish turn

it does however display them when I watch his turn to the end

this one is when creating a game… it appears I got too much characters ":smiley:
when I want to change weapons while picking the toon, the “cards” block the way…
I can scroll to left and right, but only the 3d-models, the cards stay where they are

this only happens when trying to change the weapons of my last 6 toons … the ~45 before work fine

on the 46th toon, the card of my commander blocks the view
on the 47th toon, the card of commander and laHacque blocks the view (2 cards)
and so on
consequently on my 51st 6 cards block the view

so If I want to change a weapon here, I gotta go back to baracks and change here

that’s all so far

with friendly regards

(3Dayo) #8

I have one major! issue
I don’t get alerts, when an opponent has made their move, and this is a PITA!!, its the reason why Ive mostly stopped playing since this update.
Ive checked settings, and RAD Soldier is enabled for alerts

(IPad2 IOS 8.0.2),

(tinker) #9

Just wanted to check if anything of this is solved yet…

It doesn’t seem so

gotta add

if you have lots of toons, try to costumize the weapons while chosing for a match, and try to go “back” while some graphics (e.g. weapon design and your character with that weapon) aren’t fully loaded, it gets stuck in an endless “waiting” sequence.

edit: game crash after a game that run out while gamecenter is trying to show me a challenge ( completed)
over and over

(Mitsid) #10

I am not sure if the Deployable-Cover bug has been mentioned already or not. The replay graphic freezes if your opponent has used a Deployable-Cover, so it is not posible to watch a replay till the end