A game of snipers

(ostmustis) #81

Snipers are broken. I have played many many, hours with them and many, many, many hours against them. I know their strengths and weaknesses and there is a serious problem with them. You are right, there are no counters to snipers, the only thing you can do is to play it yourself to get on an even footing with them. And it’s beyond frustrating to see, year after year, 3 or 4 people making excuses for this shit to stay in the game just because they are too dull see it. I mean wtf, some ppl cant even see that there are still 5v5 servers.

I have played many many, many hours of hours with explosive mercs and I know they are all fine (besides pancaking), some even a bit too weak. Still ppl, who are too lazy to learn how to play against it, just complain about “explosives this or explosives that”. They even complain so much they added a hard counter merc to the game which is absolutely ridiculous.

I dont think anything in that list besides merc limitations are very important. What we need is for the game to be fun and some of the most unfun things in db are: recons, shotguns, rhino, turtle, guardian and thunder. :octopus:

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That is correct, with direct hit bonus is deals 90 damage.

(RectalTerror) #84

Is it actually already doable for a custom server to be sniper/sparks-free?

I come back to DB every 2 weeks, hoping to see such servers.

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This is good information thanks for sharing

(Mc1412013) #86

No it was a pending feature that got scrapped when they killed development of the game