A game of snipers

(ostmustis) #21

shotguns are next ofc

(D'@athi) #22

Who said I don’t get the point? One of the louder voices in your head? Tell it, it’s wrong.
As I wrote, it’ll be my pleasure, if you ain’t gonna stop there, but take on the other problems after it, too. Like probably all those things/specials that hinder direct gunplay.
As, at least imo, there are much bigger problems than this one sniper once in a while. Because the rest of them snipers not hitting anything will neither help the team, whatever class they play instead. They’ll still stand around like prey, killing mates who think they’ll cover their side, while not healing, not giving ammo, getting killed, and finally uninstalling the game after a few rounds.

(bgyoshi) #23

Not really, I haven’t encountered one in over a year

Like I said, you don’t get to have it both ways. A class can’t be both OP and useless at the same time, and have an issue unique to that class.

I’d put millions of dollars down that the same person who is crushing your team as sniper would crush your team just as hard as any other class. That’s what happens when someone is good at the game.

(RectalTerror) #24

Meaning you played for kills & your own XP, meaning yeah, it was your fault.

Your XP/place on the scoreboard doesn’t mean you helped, you just were granted XP recently, by SD, for whatever reason. In the past you’d have been at the bottom of the scoreboard, where you belong.

Yes it can. Even perfect snipers can swipe an entire team, meaning they’re OP, and yet his team will lose because when the obj will be planted, he will not give a shit and not help in any way.

Snipers are OP for themselves, and useless to the team. It’s like they don’t belong to this game, worse, it’s like they don’t belong to an online game. I pretty much feel like a bot who’s there just for the pleasure of snipers. If that’s the idea behind DB now, I don’t think it used to be. DB had the spirit of ET.

Again, now that the game hides levels (which frankly sucks because now it takes me a whole minute to figure out I joined the most unbalanced game, in the past it was pretty clear by just looking at the scoreboard), it should simply hide K/D, and stop putting snipers at the top. That will most likely reduce the number of snipers to 1 per team, 2 max.
How many times have you seen players brag about their K/D ratio at the end of a match? Their team lost, but they think they were the best because of their kills, not realizing that it’s not what the game is about. Snipers all share this mentality, they’re there for that only reason.

(bgyoshi) #25

And how many times have you seen someone brag about their K/D at the end of the match? Their team won, but they think they were the best because of their kills. They had over 20 kills, but were the only person to have a positive record and the only person to get over 5 kills. Do you mean to imply that the team would’ve won without that player anyway?

I challenge you to record a match in which the enemy sniper is good enough to blast the entire enemy team and also doesn’t guard the objective in any way.

Hint: You’ll never find this match because you’re getting wasted by mediocre snipers that only kill you and you THINK he’s insane OP.

The kind of snipers you’re making people think of are so good that teams never get a chance to plant or repair. Or on offense, they’re so good that defenders can’t leave spawn.

Any other kind of sniper is just owning YOU, because you haven’t learned how to engage snipers properly. Don’t worry, eventually you’ll get good enough to do it, and then you’ll realize how not OP they are.

(henki000) #26

I love snipers and think they are too weak. I would rationalize my statement more, if I were not in vacation and far away from my keyboard.

(D'@athi) #27

Pls do not take my words out of contex. Switching to Vassili means that logically I played another class before, right?
Like for example I played some engineer, and died to often trying to repair without support, or some Skybro taking down the EV just to see my team camping while the enemy repairs it again in recordtime. And then, at some time, I give up on the camperpussies and idiots in my team and play Vassili.

And now here is me, asking, why this loss would be my fault? Because I don’t like to carry nappels not even having the slightest clue of the game, who didn’t care about the tutorial because they know? People who camp because they are afraid to die? Sorry, it’s no CoD and no BF, if people don’t get it, ah wait… right… my fault.
If it’s because I am not playing the teacher in the kindergarden, then hell ya, I take it, all my fault. If not, plx tell me.

(Teflon Love) #28

Regardless I’m looking forward to “no recons” community servers, provided SD will be smart enough to allow such an option.

Likewise it would be nice to have “snipers only” and “katana only” servers where the kids could knock themselves out without annoying people who want to play for objective.

(D'@athi) #29

I would even go as far as only allowing some chars/classes for some real teamplay-based servers.

  • Arty, Skyhammer, probably Stalker as “Fieldops”.
  • Sawbonez and Aura (if the wonderful, always perfect netcode gets fixed, and no more warping, jumping trolls) as “Medics”.
  • Most probably Javelin and Fragger as “Assaults”.
  • Most probably Turtle and Fletcher as “Engineers” (as i don’t feel like Proxy’s mines nor Bushwacker’s turrets fit).

But really, in this kinda state, if the team is aware of the game, then imo even snipers are no major problem (probably take out the autosniper-bots).

(Xenithos) #30

I love you man, this is exactly what I’ve been thinking for months now. Honestly, I’ve only feared one sniper in my entire time playing this game, and whenever said player is IN a match I simply hunt him deliberately and forcibly dodge if I have to.

(Xenithos) #31

Can confirm, if I’m not playing my usual roster and I’m sniping, you’d only be worse off if I WAS playing something other than a sniper. My teams are usually fine with me sniping too.

(RectalTerror) #32

Yes I’ve been in matches with god-like snipers, and we still won. You don’t understand that it’s not that they could not protect the objective, it’s that they DID NOT CARE ABOUT protecting the objectives. They were still getting their kills on the spot they were camping, they didn’t have to move to make their team win, because whether their team wins or not, they “win” in their head by having the highest K/D ratio.

Oh, and I have 1300 hours in the game. Glad to know that one day I’ll eventually “get good”.

(Szakalot) #33

if a sniper gets 30+ kills in a 15min game they obviously contribute to the team. Maybe the sniper wasn’t repairing the EV or ‚giving cover’ by standing on top of a defusing engineer, making for a nice nade magnet.
Those 30kills are 30 less opponents your team had to fight. Just because you don’t see the sniper on top of the obj, doesn’t mean they arent taking pressure off it

(RectalTerror) #34

Not if he’s just repeatedly killing the 2 noobs of the other team who don’t contribute either & are taking the same dumb route all the time.

There are things that you can do to make your team win, & things you can do to build XP. Yesterday, both were very correlated - doing obj or reviving was giving quite some points. Today, it’s third eye & shit that is considered the most important thing in the game. Do I really need to post screenshots of the results of this? Here:

Your typical match these days. 2 snipers in my team, 3 in the other, 4 if you count Sparks as one (& check which other merc that Sparks is using, no surprise here).
Who do you find at the top of each team? The ones contributing the least, of course.
And yes I’m a Jav there, by that time I’ve already given up with objs & reviving, with the 2 mercs that I never change.

(Chris Mullins) #35

Thanks for leaving feedback @RectalTerror I’ll try and address as many issues as I can for you.

We’re implementing community rentable servers which means you’ll be able to just have fun and not worry about competition! We need to fix a couple of issues we found in our testing, but once that’s done (should be next week) those will all go live and you can start having fun in those. Unfortunately they’ll only support a max of 16 players total so no bit 20vs20 battle, but our maps aren’t designed for that kind of combat.

I’m not sure what what you’re trying to say about snipers. if they can hit you in the head, they either had a great shot, your position was bad or you were moving too slowly. If a sniper can land two headshots in one second, they got skills.

We don’t hide where bullets come from at all. The death ghosts show you where you were and where the enemy was. They can sometimes be a little inaccurate (engine issues), but we’ve made them the best we can. Also with snipers there’s a clear white bullet trail which makes it easy to tell where the shot came from. Try and keep an eye open for those!

Snipers do have recoil, they do have cooldowns and wobble. They can instakill an entire team if that entire team is only using Proxy (and if that’s the case they deserve to die anyway) and only standing still, but the same can be said for any Merc. If a sniper can one shot an entire enemy team with one mag then I would say the same as before. They got skills or everyone was where they shouldn’t have been or not moving fast enough.


P.S. Track and Field was an awesome game, but there isn’t any time in DB to start playing mini games to complete objectives.

(DarkangelUK) #36

It’s not very fun though, especially for a game where you set up defensive and offensive points (plus needing to repair the EV while standing still, plant C4 while standing still, stand still on aura station, stand still to collect ammo at an ammo station etc). To say this is a game where you need to keep constantly moving just isn’t quite honest as a lot of the gameplay relies on you standing still, and snipers take advantage of that and impact the overall enjoyment for a hell of a lot of people.

(Miyukii Izaya) #37

There are multiple reasons of there being a wide selection of mercs I guess. Not going to get in details of it because you should be able to guess most of them. I think one of them is that some mercs were really strong so they made a merc that can counter that strong merc. Look at phantom’s melee (We can all complain about hes primary guns) but lets just talk about hes melee here. Rhino destroys phantom, nader mostly destroys phantom. At the same time Phantom is really strong against other mercs like Proxy, Aimee, Kira and Sparks because of their low HP. If you play Phantom as a flanker I’m sure I’d be really strong against Vassili too. My overall opinion about snipers is that they are balanced and they are not in a need or rebalance.

This is my personal opinion based on how my games turn out, feel free to correct me or if you think I’m wrong<<<<<<<<<

(DarkangelUK) #38

The only correct counter to a sniper is another sniper, they can take on the sniper plus other enemies at the same time, where as a phantom is focusing one merc. Any team at high level will never run a phantom to take on their sniper, they’ll run one of their own.

(Miyukii Izaya) #39

I’m going to assume you mean teams at high level as in ‘‘standard teams’’ (A group of players that really often play together at pro level) which would make sense. I’ve never watched any of those pro games so I can’t give my opinion on that. At the same time, ‘‘normal’’ objective/stopwatch games on the other hand is something different. There is nearly no communication there from what I’ve seen and everyone kind of plays what they want to play. I’m only a level 20 and I’m in matches with people that are level 700+ (Which is no fun tbh) As a Phantom main I have little problems with snipers, I go invisible, flank around and destroy them from close range with little problem. Like I said, this might be different in ‘‘pro’’ games but in normal games I’ve never seen a single problem with snipers.

Coming back to this post, Its not just snipers who take advantage of having to stand still while repairing the EV, Think of a arty strike, kira laser, skyhammer’s strike and proberly more. (Most of the time you can just position yourself right so you don’t get shot from most angles while repairing tbh) The planing C4 while standing still is something tho. But auro station? I don’t quite understand that part. You can move around while getting healed (Even tho its not a lot) but this is verry easily avoided by placing the Aura station behind a corner? You simply put it behind a wall/object/objective and you’re fine.

(DarkangelUK) #40

They all have cooldowns and can’t OHK with their gun, snipers can (aura station wont stop that).