A few things I've got to say

(Sjaak Banana) #1

First of all, I love DB, it’s an awesome game that I play daily. :smiley:

What I don’t like are the new updates and the way it is going.

First, the ‘old’ match making was pretty good.
There was balance and servers where full. I really had a lot of fun!

Now with quick join, I join half full servers, and sometimes have to play 1 vs 3… :S That sucks!
An EV is already half way the destination when teams are finally equal (IF they get equal at all).

I rather wait 3-5 minutes to join a full, balanced server and have fun then this…
Really, the balance is completely gone! A lot of the time I’m playing with super noobs and that is super frustrating.
Why? I like to play objective, but all the noobs do is camp and snipe or just test there mouse or something, leaving you on your own, not being able to play the game it is meant to play - like a team, doing objective.

A side that, friends can no longer join like they could in the past, that is a big downgrade man!
Not worth removing just for faster matches.

I’ve QUIT several games in the last few days because I had no fun at all, and that’s a seriously bad thing, because I used to love it… :-1:


Second, I like the new obsidian Bushwacker, but why the hell give it a way for free?
Obsidian cards should be something special, they need to be earned!

So what if players are impatience, and want to earn faster, that is not an excuse to remove the balance and give stuff away for free. Let them wait, let 'm work. They need to learn to be patience! Something they have to learn in RL too!

I’ve got the feeling that DB is trying anything to attract new players and make them happy fast, but that is short term, leaving the ‘old’ player standing on the side…
It’s fine to attract new players, but you don’t have to spoil them.

We, ‘the old players’, used to work for cases and we keep playing the game, so why can’t they?
I think you’ll attract more new players when there is balance instead of a shitload of shiny cases and free stuff, and that is on long term.

Thanks guys!

(Teflon Love) #2

Don’t waste your energy on these things, they have been known for weeks/months/years with SD deciding to focus on different things. Their game, their choice, their market.

I recommend you wait for properly configured community servers. Level limits, merc bans and admin banned ignorant players might make this game fun to play again.

(LifeupOmega) #3

SD are stuck in their ways, I’d suggest just uninstalling and coming back if they ever figure out what they’re doing with their game. Could take a while.

(Sjaak Banana) #4

Well, they asked for feedback, so here is mine. Maybe it’ll help, maybe it won’t, but just needed to say it.

I’ll try to keep playing the game, but it must get better soon. It really would be a shame to uninstall it…

And maybe my suggestion of keeping match making and make quick join optional is an idea they can work with.